Rockets of Awesome is the new way to shop for kids. Cool clothes, hand-picked just for your kid, delivered straight to your door once a season, with zero risk and tons of rainbow sprinkles. I consulted with their CCO Theresa Canning-Zast to help build the brand and bridge the gap to web. Alongside UX power duo Everyday Industries and Art Director Meghan Eplett, we channeled the brand into a user experience that captures a distinct brand spirit powered by awesomeness.

 Photography: Nick Steever & Amanda Pratt

The Process

Kids have a wonderfully unpredictive energy that makes them rockets of awesome. Through an iterative and inspired process, we worked towards capturing that in a brand that simplifies mom’s life.

The Result

A celebration of real kid energy, spontaneous fashion fun, and imagination.

The Quiz

We developed a series of easy, breezy questions to help Mom to tell us what her child likes and doesn’t like.