Six months after launch, Snowe began to build out their foundation of home essentials by rolling out new products on a monthly basis. I took creative lead to help them articulate these new pieces through photography and illustration that captures the unique spirit of both the product and the brand. These assets have been used in a variety of touchpoints– Including print, web, email marketing, editorial content and social campaigns.


Photography by Evan Robinson
Creative Direction by Michelle Mattar
Illustration by Michelle Mattar


Just because Snowe’s dinnerware and flatware have the finest European pedigree doesn’t mean you can’t eat with your elbows on the table. To that sentiment, I conceptualized and executed a mixture of high-and-low imagery that celebrate’s Snowe’s unique take on living with the exceptional everyday.


Happy hour quaffing or serious sipping, Snowe’s Italian glassware keeps you prepped for any party. So from water to wine, I built imagery around each new product that doesn’t need a reason to celebrate. Do you?


From everyday routine to the perfect staycation, Snowe’s bathing essentials will make you want to linger a little longer.



There’s only one place for snacks, long naps, secret meetings, and late night reading: It’s in between Snowe’s Italian-milled, impossibly smooth 500 thread count percale. I began exploring a slightly fantastical dive into our beds’ secret lives– since sleep is not all we do in our sheets.

Stay tuned: Much more coming soon!